Team Challenge: Off-Season 2018

In March, players were drafted into six different teams and over the next 16 weeks, teams will compete in team vs. team challenges that test true grit, passion and athleticism.  Attendance is tracked, as well, and is an excellent way to earn even more points.

At the end of the summer, the top FOUR teams will compete in the Team Challenge Playoffs and the bottom TWO compete for the Toilet Bowl Championship (TBC).  We can only imagine what the winners of the TBC will receive.....

The winners of the 2018 Off-Season Team Challenge earn a trophy, along with ultimate respect.  In addition, each member of the winning team will rank up in Spartans of Duty, gain five Pride Stickers for their helmet and will be dining on thick, juicy rib-eyes at the end of summer football cook-out.

Check Scores Below.

Contact Information

Coach Eric Lyons | 217-369-8140 |

Olympia High School | 7832 N. 100 East Rd., Stanford IL 61774 | Phone: 309-379-5911

Delavan High School | 907 S. Locust St., Delavan IL 61734 | Phone: 309-244-8285

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